einige Mitglieder der UWG

Literally, this means 'Independent group of voters'. We are a group of people who actively take part in our town's political and social life. Forming a kind of city list, you can vote for us at the municipal elections since 25 years.

First of all, we try to set forth what we are, just by saying what we are not...


We are

  • not a political party.
  • not dependent on any front men nor financiers.
  • not the Greens although we already fought for the environment and for sustainable use of energy and resources when the Greens didn't even exist.
  • not the Social-Democrats although many of us are very committed to social issues, working for a society that is based on more solidary and equality.
  • not the Christian-Democrats although many practising Christians joined us because of their conviction.
  • not the Liberals although we actively stand up for citizens rights.
  • no protest party although some of our electors surely want to protest against established political parties.


So what are we now exactly? The UWG is

  • a federation of independent citizens of Ahaus that want to have a say and to intervene in politics.
  • a citizens' list that presents independent candidates in all electoral districts of Ahaus since 1979, currently counting six town councillors.
  • an association of young and old people, of men and women, pupils and pensioners, trainees and students, employers and workers, free-lancer and unemployed, craftsmen and commercants, farmers and civil servants, thus, a cross-section of citizens of Ahaus.
  • standig up for an open town, opposing all racist and extreme right organisations.


We want to

  • speak up for all inhabitants of Ahaus.
  • give people in Ahaus the possibility to intervene in local politics without becoming member of a party.
  • support citizens' action groups and initiatives.
  • participate in making of decisions.
  • avoid domination of local politics by one party and strengthen grassroots democracy.


Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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